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Friday, June 6, 2014


I was so excited to finally start this that I bumped the previous planned cap for tonight to Sunday and Sunday's to Monday! This is part 0 and 1 will be posted tonight at regular caption time (Midnightish EDT) and expect more to come next week. You will notice that I changed the premise of RR a bit from the earlier prelude that I posted in December (during my first event!) I feel this makes it stronger AND it opens up a lot of new realms to explore. Expect MT to be in this event though it won't be right away. I love this idea as it harkens back to when all the companies did those huge summer evnts in their annuals and not the way they do it now lol. So sit back and enjoy. I did a part zero as I did change the premise a bit, to see the original, you can use the pinkalot or the reality road labels.

The all new prelude!

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