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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Aladdin Transgender

 Another one bites the Dust! 
This is the long awaited conclusion to my Aladdin tg. You might remember that I posted " I never got around to part two but will so don't worry it won't be long :)  ...." That was on April twenty fourth of LAST YEAR! I am just glad that I finally got to it, which brings us to:

This summer's agenda is to add new stories and to also conclude previous ones that I feel need to be finished which mostly includes stuff like Horrorverse or Aladdin or 3008:Robots, or MOTU which are series that I promised to end a while back. Two of those were finished earlier this week and a third just finished up tonight tying up lose ends and begining new ones ;)  The other one 3008: Robots will also be winding down this summer. I have also done the last Boybusters, but you'll be seeing the return of bimbo spray and others to (Bimbo Spray is NOT winding down by the way!)

See you guys tomorrow!

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