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Saturday, July 26, 2014


This is a project I started last year but never finished. In my opinion, it was a failed attempt. I never finished the closet, but I did finish the text (panels 4 and the second and third text balloons on panel 5 were never done til now! In fact I added themv so I could wrap the story up in one page correctly) I doubt I willc ever truly finish it the way I had originally planned but as I like posting even what I consider failed projects, I decided to slap this together to finish it and publish it. Hope its better than I thought.

By the way this page is from the Reversedale arc in Archie 636 in which Salem reversed everyone's genders in Riverdale!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Due to personal reasons that I do not want to get into, I don't feel like capping :( Due to this, expect more covers than usual and quicker captions and older work that I just found that I never posted for the next week or two. Then back to the basics! :)
Today's cap is one of the qucker caps and a great example of what I mean and I call this category Quickies! I felt the approach i'm going with Quickies, covers, is better than taking a break as I already promissed guaranteed updates.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Today is my birthday! Oh by the way there are naked breasts in this cap soooo I included a jump!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


And so here we are, day two of Marvel Week and we also are still observing Pink-A-Lot Tuesdays. Although this seems easy, coming up with a crossover for this was not. Thank goodness I remembered Dane Whitman as he was my favorite member of Ultra Force during the short time he was a member and I believe leader BUT don't remember.

Monday, July 14, 2014


This was always planned to be done next, so I went with that agenda. What comes next however was a new direction (including this very cap) and I now feel that this universe now has great potential and so I must continue this arc. After all, with great potential comes great responsibility. See what I did there? :)


So why repost this cap I made in a universe I chose to never return to? Well.... I finally got around to returning to it and all next week we will see: Marvel Week! A whole week dedicated to... You guessed it Marvel, but more specifically Marvel Changes and yes the Pink-A-Lot and Body Swap caps will happen but will be part of the Marvel Changes universe to. (I already have up to Thursday's done, I got Mon, Wed, and Thurs and then was like how do  I do Pink-A-Lot? I came up with the solution AND already finished that cap as well. This was not a planned event, I did Monday's cap and then they just kept flowing so I was like why not? That is why I am reposting this cap tonight. Later today, the prequels begin (as this is set later in the story, and it always was planned that way!)

Because this was not planned, the promo was done quickly AND the covers do not indicate people being changed just to be clear.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


We end "Pregnancy Week" with a cover! This was my favorite series back in the 90's I mean a tg superhero? Awesome! So yes I know the caption is not what the comic series was about but hey I did my imagination version! So I hope you all enjoyed this special week long caption theme! Tomorrow, we go back to the basics!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This cap actually made me come up with a great direction to go into soon, so the aftermath to Pink-A-Lot AFTER I do the showdown with MaryLynn will be different now and will definitely have a new arc in this series afterwards :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I added a jump on this cap for the reason that I have never had nudity on this page and after a lot of going back and forth for a year, I have finally decided to do one! There will be more BUT do not think I will do this all the time, just from time to time and always with a JUMP in case some might not be interested in nudity. This is just naked breasts, but I still decided to do the jump.


Thursday, July 3, 2014


I know the promo above says Sunday, but Starting Monday, every cap posted next week will be pregnancy themed, its my long ago promised "Lets Get Pregnant" event. The promo has the wrong day as I made this promo way back in March or April when I was working on the Spring Event! Don't worry you won't lose a day as this event will end on Sunday so 7 days just a day later than the promo states! And yes there will be pregnant themed caps in the pink-a-lot universe and body swap so even with this week long event, we'll be staying in the "theme" days as well. Due to this, Power Rangers tg's conclusion will be delayed to a week from Monday, only kidding! Due to the event, I am posting it right now actually! I kept all of the post intact, I just removed the post's title (which was "Power Rangers: The Conclusion!") Oh and this post only has the "Pregnant tag due to the site news as the PR cap does NOT have any pregnancy themes in it!

Here it is, the conclusion This is only the second time (the first time being Pinkalot For The Holidays) that I have had a caption series completely finished before the first cap was even posted!

Body Swap Cap Thursday?

Welcome to Body Swap Thursday! This is one week only as Freaky Fridays is "Pre-Empted" tomorrow due to my mini "True Summer" event celebrating Independence day and Summer in general.

Oh and guess what It's Friday the 27th of June at 5:28 AM as I type this and I already finished all the caps up to today except for the cap you guys read at noon on Monday, the last cap that ever carried the Alexis' Magic TG Caps stamp and Tuesdays cap (the first you read to carry  the new site's name.) I also have Monday's cap done (As all of the Power Rangers caps are done) Next I need to work on True Summer, that cap you've already read on Monday and I'll be able to rest and be happy. :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Power Rangers Part Four

The first part of this series with the new stamp. Expect the conclusion on Monday! Also due to Friday being the Fourth Of July, There will not be a Freaky Friday cap (instead all weekend there will be true summer caps and at least two on Friday), so this weeks body swap cap will be posted on Thursday. o see you tomorrow for the Body Swap cap and then back to Freaky Fridays starting next Friday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to PINK-A-LOT Tuesdays! Every Tuesday you will see either a new Pink-A-Lot cap, a new cap from its spin-off Fairytale Ville, or a new cap from the series that started it all: 3 WISHES! To start it off, her's a brand new tale from Pink-A-Lot. Oh and this does not mean pink-a-lot and related will be stuck to ne cap a week. This brings me to something new. All caps posted on a day devoted to a theme stay in this theme, so any cap posted Tuesday is pink-a-lot universe related. This also means all Friday caps (minus this Friday) are body swap related. This forces me to either expand on these themes or universe or if I do a cap that can't be posted that day, it gives me future content! Oh once Mermaid Tide moves back to this blog, it will get a day as well, but that's not until August!

 So here we are day one of officially being Alexis' NEW tg caps and we are the same ol' blog just a new name, new features, and some days that are devoted to themes. :)