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Thursday, July 3, 2014


I know the promo above says Sunday, but Starting Monday, every cap posted next week will be pregnancy themed, its my long ago promised "Lets Get Pregnant" event. The promo has the wrong day as I made this promo way back in March or April when I was working on the Spring Event! Don't worry you won't lose a day as this event will end on Sunday so 7 days just a day later than the promo states! And yes there will be pregnant themed caps in the pink-a-lot universe and body swap so even with this week long event, we'll be staying in the "theme" days as well. Due to this, Power Rangers tg's conclusion will be delayed to a week from Monday, only kidding! Due to the event, I am posting it right now actually! I kept all of the post intact, I just removed the post's title (which was "Power Rangers: The Conclusion!") Oh and this post only has the "Pregnant tag due to the site news as the PR cap does NOT have any pregnancy themes in it!

Here it is, the conclusion This is only the second time (the first time being Pinkalot For The Holidays) that I have had a caption series completely finished before the first cap was even posted!

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