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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Ok a little explanation is needed. I planned to not do epic tales as I never finish them, but I am making an exception in this case as I need to do away with certain elements (Mary Lynn, the druids) to evolve this universe and to continue doing caps in it. For those fearing this is it for this universe, do not worry as I have plans for Pink-A-Lot after this. In fact this will affect Fairy-Tale-Ville as well.
I am not saying anymore as I do not ruin the surprise.
Now, here is a sneak peek of a new project coming soon:

So why use an old water mill from Georgia as the logo for a new cap series set at a High School? For that answer, we need to delve deeper in the actual history of this idea. Like 3 wishes and 3008, Mill Girls has existed in my mind for awhile, while the previous examples have been thought of since the late 90s or so, Mill Girls is much older. I was in school at the time in Georgia probably in the 80s and saw this very mill, many years later in the 90s while I was in high school i believe, I  came up with the original idea. This was a time when the original 90210 was on. In fact, I think this was around the time when David's friend shot himself. In my original concept, Mill Girls high was an all girl boarding school that became co-ed and the school got it's name from the old mill on it's property. For this blog, I resurrected the idea but with a TG twist. Now boys are also allowed (like the original concept) but obviously they do not stay boys for long! Expect the newest cap series for this blog to start very soon. I am currently trying to figure out a way to bring another idea from my childhood here, if I can figure out a way to make it work then I will!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


DC TG is back, but now it is set in the animated universe :)
This version is thanks to Poison Ivy and not Scarecrow and this is animated universe without many heroines and villianesses (like Harley Quinn) - at leas not yet. Expect more in this universe over time. I also plan at LEAST two more parts in "Batwoman Begins" but wanted to do the first two parts at the same time and give it an ending just in case I never get back to it!

Now without further ado, DC TG PT 01


Also, here's a sneak preview of something coming (oh and yes this will be a  guaranteed caps event) I know I messed up on the previous two, but let's remember all others I did come through for. Oh these are all going to be about love, but some could be a man loves another man's wife and turns the husband into a woman to get the wife and so on... So there will be many different possibilities. 



Before we get to this cap, ANOTHER BRAND NEW CAP is being posted today, in 12 hours! This one is DC TG. Wow, 3 re-posts (all are new to this blog), and 2 all new caps. I guess I actally started the 5 updates a week this week and all in 24 hours lol. Expect the regular schedule to be 5 days a week, this was just a coincidence!

This was posted on "The Best Of Alexis" and the now closng blog. Although it has been posted so much and therefore I almost skipped it, it is important and ties to the upcoming "Fall Of Pink-A-Lot" arc, so I decided to re-post this cap here.

If you followed the 2014 countdown on my "Alexis' Best" blog, then this cap will look familiar as it was the new cap that concluded it after midnight, so why post it here? Well, because that was the plan all along and I even said it would be here later in January! Fairy Tale Ville Returns!
Next week, an all new never before seen Pink-A-Lot cap (I MEAN IT THIS TIME AS IT HAS ALREADY BEEN SCHEDULED)!




I promised that "Mermaid Tide" would feature the Siren once again from now on, but would continue the "re-boot" idea but under the name "THE TIDE". Well, here is the now finished "first" chapter/ ( I say "first" as it is the origin and takes place before the previously released one in this universe! I did the first half of this cap long ago and just finished it today, so that is why the text is different as is the size as I now use a different font and size as my default due to school.

 Also, expect a Pink-A-Lot cap on Tuesday, it's already finished so I can promise that it should be up then.

Friday, January 16, 2015

STAR WARS and this blog is changing back to old format.

So the return of Alexis' Magic TG caps and making this blog into art only was a failure. Though this blog continues to get many views each post and day, the new blog gets 2 or 3 views. Plus even with online classes it s hard to manage multiple caption blogs. So, the two blogs will be merging again, this means more posts more frequently! I will start bringing the few caps from there to here and starting next week, expect at least 5 updates a week! Also i will not be doing this again, any new blogs will be no caps or at leas non TG as from now on all my caps will either be here or on TG CAPS (though some will be on Rachel's Haven first, I don't count that as those caps all come here eventually!) Starting next week, this blog will return to being
"Alexis' Magic TG Caps" HERE IS WHAT WAS THE FIRST CAP OF 2015, it was originally 
posted on the closing blog.