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Friday, February 17, 2017


 Well this time I am back and as you can tell, I am changing the focus just a bit. I came up with the idea of what if almost evry one of my captions were connected and part of an even bigger plan? This is the first part and from now on expect more caps from me regularly once again. I should point out not all my caps will connect and I do plan to keep them separate for the most part but they will also eventually be part of the bigger story. So don't expect "No More Men: Mermaid tide part 1" or anything it is still business as usual but their will be crossovers from time to time to create one big universe. I also kept other universes open so I can continue tales like 3008: Robots or Feminine Rain. Not to mention new takes on DC and Marvel TG and continue the Baroness universe and do stand alones. I just felt that connecting most of my caps together was a good idea (at least the universe ones like Mermaid Tide, etc.) So here is the prelude:

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