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Friday, June 27, 2014

Pink-A-Lot Returns!

Crap! Accidentally posted July first's cap just now! Due to this, the cap planned for noon will be moved to later today, hope you enjoy this cap that returns pink-a-lot to the basics and I need to write a new cap for Pink-A-Lot Tuesdays, more on that Tuesday!
For those who wonder if I notice the mistake why not remove it? Because I like having new caps being new and would hate if it's the only cap and everyone saw it! With the Rachel's Haven caps I make an exception as not everyone belongs to the Haven (sme with cover caps posted on tgcaps' forums.) 


  1. Great caption, but the red text on green background is really hard to read.

  2. Thank You for the feedback. I didn't realize this but relooked at it and can see how the letters can blend with the two colors so like the color scheme in my 100th caption, I won't be using these two colors together again.