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Monday, June 30, 2014

Power Rangers Part Three

This part takes place DURING part two! I think this might be the first time I have ever done that! You might have noticed that it is midnight, that is because there are two caps today. Also because as of tomorrow all caps have the new name stamped on them (unless I forget the stamp lol) I will give you all an extra cap today that will deal with magic :) Expect Part Four of this series Wednesday and then the conclusion on Monday (due to a min event this weekend that I'm doing "True Summer") as I want to space them for those who do not enjoy this new series. (It's also why I decided on two caps today instead of  having this be the only cap today! Also remember today is also the last day with the summer event tag as the caps are daily from now on.

So what's true summer? Friday is Fourth of July (Independence Day here in the states and as I know not all of you are americans (but I still want to celebrate Fourth of July weekend) I am doing "True Summer", which is a mix of summer related caps and Independence caps and you want to know the best part You are guaranteed more than one cap each day all weekend. Also due to this there will be NO Freaky Fridays cap this week, but there will be a body swap cap, but on Thursday instead and then next Friday, we return to the regular cap schedule!

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