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Friday, March 13, 2015


Starting today, every week I will use as the logo a classic one to celebrate this blog being here for over 2 years (it'll be technically 3 in August and this is part of that 3 year celebration!) So I hope you enjoy the memories. (BTW I will also be using my other blogs' logos  that I have had (since they mostly merged here) that I still have. This will continue until the three year anniversary in August and I will also be using logos for universes like Mill Girls or Horrorverse and making new ones all to celebrate! I also hope to have a lot of caps to post on the actual anniversary date but who knows, we shall see!


So I was saving this cap and discovered that there might be an unpublished cap I did some time back. I will be releasing "FANG EMPIRE" tomorrow/ tonight around midnight. If it has been previously published I apologize, but I could not find it here so I decided to publish it to be safe!

I lan to start posting daily (M-F) starting next week, but alas no promises due to school work! But there is only 8 more weeks and then BOOM! I should ONCE again be back to daily updates (7 days a week mostly) all summer break long! :D

So here is what could end up being a new series. I really want to delve more into this story's universe.

Lastly, I have a collector blog that has also been neglected sadly and will start weekly  updates at least starting next week hopefully.