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Sunday, March 16, 2014


 Here it is, Cap 100.
 Before we get to it, I need to say I planned on doing a vampire cap but decided to do a lab one instead though I did use a pic from Bloodrayne which is a vampire film series as well as video games and comics i believe and plan to use her a little more in the future for actual vampire caps but this one felt like a lab cap more to me :)

 More after the JUMP!
  I decided early on while I was still doing caps 93 or 95 or something like that, that I was going to do a cap that was something with 100, the original plan was a victim that becomes the 100th female VAMPIRE from a queen vampire warrior.

 Instead, I chose to do the lab experiment while working on it. Maybe one day i will do the original plan but who knows. Wait til you see whats to come on all 3 OF MY pages, but that is for another time I suppose. Without further ado, 100:

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