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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 This is my 93'rd caption, DAY 3 of my cap event, a new bimbo cap, and kinda sorta the 100th post on this blog. Technically its probably closer to the 110th as I have deleted outdated posts over the year or so, BUT this the 100th post on this blog right now :) I feel this is funny as the 100th post currently is coinciding with the upcoming 100th cap I've ever done! I'm very proud that this is my 93'rd, wish i had done it sooner, but still this is a great accomplishment, still not sure what will be the BIG 100th cap just yet. The plan is to release it Sunday, BUT that might not happen depending on time as my roommate and I plan to clean this week and I only promised 8 caps (sun-sun)

On a side note: You might notice some newer posts might contradict older posts this is simple non cap posts are posted as soon as i type them, however i usually type these cap posts days in advance as I finish the caps so the caps do not get lost. For example you are reading this on Tuesday but I am typing this early Saturday morning. Days 1 and 2 of this event were typed yesterday (Friday) but were posted Sun and Mon. So sometimes I miss the outdated info and it posts. So that is the reason for all of those of you that were wondering why.

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