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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Blog(s)

 In an effort to have different blogs for different "genres", I opened a new blog. This one will probably only be updated a few times a month at most and it is targeted towards recap comics, comic strips, and covers. This way, this blog will be just actual caps and mostly live action. Mermaid Tide will be on its own blog and if i ever do a non mermaid tide mermaid cap, it'll also go there. This is the last new blog planned, my other blog that is currently my best of 2013, will be just that and will now be a best of page mostly new years only, but will also be holidays so expect Alexis' best Halloween caps etc. The reason I chose not to close it down is because it still gets a good number of visits and is over 700 posts and almost at 800, so I'll  keep it around (original plan was to use that blog as my new cover blog.)

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