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Friday, December 26, 2014


This semester was tough for me both mentally and physically, hence my absence. I am so sorry about missing the cap event, but I'm back and next semester should not be an issue as I am taking less classes and easier ones in my opinion so I should be able to keep posting more often.

I wanted to also do some holiday caps BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND YULE which was on the 21st, but unfortunately I missed those dates!

I also missed celebrating the 100000 page view! I have a plan to celebrate that soon (thank you so much for checking this blog out by the way everyone!) as well as some other ideas including making up for my absence.

Either way, I am back now and plan to stay, but you never know.

OK on to the changes on the first. This page will go strictly to art and animated pics and the models will move to the new Alexis' Magic TG caps page, and lastly I will start posting my classic stories on my new story blog these are from the 90s back when I posted on the Tsa-talk mailing list as Joseph and the first stories being posted will be my first tg stories I ever wrote, my SRU: Joseph series. I might also repost the series I co-wrote with Eddie Glover as well. Then in March (actually I am hoping sooner, but giving me time) I will post my first all new non cap TG story in years (maybe even close to a decade! I will be posting the addresses soon, but I think both are in my blog roll currently.

Mermaid Tide Fans, I decided I messed up by concluding it and trying a new take without the Siren (in fact it looks like people do not like this take and so I will be restarting it again, with the Siren and this one will be exactly like the original premise, minus the army building, she just wants the world to be mermaids like her). Expect the failed mt rebooted series to continue from time to time as simply the tide and this is because I have a few images that would only work in that universe, once they are used, that universe will be closed and only the siren will be making mermaids again (for the most part).

In January, expect at least 4 updates a week on the magic tg blog (Pink-a-lot, Body swap, and 2 misc ones) as Pink-A-Lot Tuesdays and Body Swap Fridays will be returning, however they might be getting new days like for example today is Friday and the cap is not Body Swap!

Finally the cap, this is a holiday cap and hope you all enjoy! Expect more coming soon!

UPDATE 01/17/15:

This blog has returned to becoming Alexis' Magic TG Caps and the other blog was closed after only 2/ 3 weeks so that nfo was scratched out! All of the other info is still correct except for this blog has 4, not 5 updates per week scheduled!

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