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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


THIS IS NOT THE LAST CAP OF 2014! In fact, I refused to finish that cap until I did this one. Ok this I did just for humor sake and do not worry, I have no plans to repeat this, just thought it was funny for a Mermaid Tide cap as they think sailers mistook Dugongs like the one pictured and it's relative the manatee for mermaids. This could take place in any of the Siren Mermaid Tide universes, but I would say this is set in the new universe premiering tonight. Speaking of which, an all new cap in a few hours (4 PM Eastern to be exact!)
Also, just mere seconds ago, I posted the info on my blogs and all the new addresses as they are not all in my blog roll yet! If you want to contenue reading Body Swap, Pink-A-Lot, Mermaid Tide, and etc using real models or actresses like Lindsay Lohan, the new address to where those wqill now be is in that post and the blog roll (the other blogs are not).
Hope you enjoy this meant to be humorous quickie cap! 

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