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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blogs and pages that my work appear on

As tomorrow is New Years, I felt I should remind everyone that starting midnight, I will be having multiple places to see my work, so here is a low down on what is coming:

Alexis' TG Caps (your already at this one):
UPDATE 01/17/15:

AS OF NOW, THIS SITE HAS ONCE AGAIN BECOME ALEXIS' MAGIC TG CAPS AFTER MANY MONTHS! - sorry caps lock was on and I am to tired to retype it all like I normally do!

"Best of Alexis caps" ( ):
Expect a new PINK-A-LOT cap (and the first of 2015) to be posted as the finale to my annual best 24 caps countdown which started at midnight today, it is also the second cap of 2015!. Other than the new cap and the countdown, there are no plans to use it again until my birthday like last year.

Alexis' Stories ( )
A new blog that opens up at 3 AM eastern tomorrow/tonight.  I will start posting my classic stories that I used to do in the 90's every Thursday all January and most of February long -GUARANTEED! and then starting in March, for the first time in probably a decade, I will be posting brand new stories! Just a heads up, my old stories aren't great, but my writing abilities have improved (mostly due to college) Most stories will be TG, but some might not be. 

TG Caps ( ):
I have previously mentioned that I now post my cover caps at TG Caps, which is one of the only sites that I post caps on that I do not run or own.

 Rachel's Haven ( ):

The other site which I post stuff onthat I do not run or own.  

Alexis Skrull ( ):

This one might not open on New Years as this one is not TG and will be mostly reviews on Media, toys, the collector community, and more. I have not done reviews yet as I was busy working on the other blogs (in fact all the Classic stories I plan to post on Alexis Stories has already been added to the database and are scheduled throughout those two months.). Tv shows will also be reviewed as well as movies, comics, etc. This blog is the baby I wanted to do for awhile now and am going to try it out for now. I do not count this as part of my TG Blogs family though.

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