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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pinkalot Holidays

 The finale to today's 3 caps PINKALOT special !

  So I wanted to use this pic (prelude to reality road) but was like what can I do to add more story? That's when I remembered that when I wrote part one a few days ago, i wanted to flesh out the Marylnn character a little more but never had a chance in that cap nor could i in the conclusion, so that's what I did. As I began writing this, it became a prelude to something much bigger. My original plan was to go the same way i did for Mermaid Tide  and have her start "invading" the world by turning people into her people. Instead I was like a vampire world could be used to make pinkalot more intriguing and that's where the alternate realities idea came up in my head. The plan? If I could figure out a way to make it work, I could use new realms that I never approached but had plans to (like vampires) and  could use some of my already established realms which could result in a potential gigantic crossover. Anyone interested in this proposed crossover? Otherwise I might just abandon the crossover idea and just use unrevealed realities only and not established ones. We'll see. Please post comments as I could use feedback on this idea more than ever before!

 The next update which has nothing to do with PINKALOT but returns to the new caps everyday til new years event format will be the regular time of midnight est.

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