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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


UPDATE: This cap can be found by using the Horrorverse label and is now together with all the other parts except the unpublished finale which is coming Sunday! The only reason this post is still here is due to it being part of my December event and the same reason the others are to as they were all events!

 When I did the Jason one for Friday the 13'th I never in a million years planned to create a horrorverse! If I had I would have done it a little bit different but ironically the old lady in the friday 13'th  one also fit for this one or at least it was easy enough to insert her. I will be using a different, yet similar pic that I used in october for the world's worst narrator cap so freddy will be here. The nice part is there are plenty of monsters including the typical ones like Dracula and others that are more killer than monster like Michael Myers. So I can do this for as long as I have ideas :D

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