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Sunday, December 8, 2013

 Ok, I know its been awhile and instead of saying stuff like won't happen again, i'll just explain whats been happening:  I recently moved from sf ca to indiana, from there moved into a new house with my best friend. The house has had some issues, plus dealing with the colder weather than i'm used to = sick time. My depression has been around, so thats been an issue, plus been busy getting stuff ready for: college. Thats right i'll be starting college in January at 35 years old lol! Better late than never eh?

 So due to this I will be returning to this site only. At least one cap a week is the plan. I'll be closing my mermaid tide caps page and will be bringing new mermaid tide caps back here. So new caps of all kinds of tg will return in the next week :) also yes i'll be changing the pages layiut to. Its a shame i had so many plans for Halloween and Thanksgiving caps ah welll theres always next year.

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