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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to PINK-A-LOT Tuesdays! Every Tuesday you will see either a new Pink-A-Lot cap, a new cap from its spin-off Fairytale Ville, or a new cap from the series that started it all: 3 WISHES! To start it off, her's a brand new tale from Pink-A-Lot. Oh and this does not mean pink-a-lot and related will be stuck to ne cap a week. This brings me to something new. All caps posted on a day devoted to a theme stay in this theme, so any cap posted Tuesday is pink-a-lot universe related. This also means all Friday caps (minus this Friday) are body swap related. This forces me to either expand on these themes or universe or if I do a cap that can't be posted that day, it gives me future content! Oh once Mermaid Tide moves back to this blog, it will get a day as well, but that's not until August!

 So here we are day one of officially being Alexis' NEW tg caps and we are the same ol' blog just a new name, new features, and some days that are devoted to themes. :) 

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