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Monday, July 14, 2014


So why repost this cap I made in a universe I chose to never return to? Well.... I finally got around to returning to it and all next week we will see: Marvel Week! A whole week dedicated to... You guessed it Marvel, but more specifically Marvel Changes and yes the Pink-A-Lot and Body Swap caps will happen but will be part of the Marvel Changes universe to. (I already have up to Thursday's done, I got Mon, Wed, and Thurs and then was like how do  I do Pink-A-Lot? I came up with the solution AND already finished that cap as well. This was not a planned event, I did Monday's cap and then they just kept flowing so I was like why not? That is why I am reposting this cap tonight. Later today, the prequels begin (as this is set later in the story, and it always was planned that way!)

Because this was not planned, the promo was done quickly AND the covers do not indicate people being changed just to be clear.

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