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Friday, May 30, 2014


 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE TRANSGENDER CONTINUES AND CONCLUDES! I am reprinting Part 1 of the MOTU arc as this Monday and Tuesday , I will be posting parts 2 and 3, finally concluding it. So enjoy this recap. I will see you in June for my caps event!

Update: you will get TWO CAPS on the first, and one will be PART TWO, PART THREE will be posted on MONDAY!

I will let you know this is my last repost, but you might want to look at my Aladdin tg, Boybusters, and Marvel TG as I will be returning to those this summer as well. The only reason that I am returning to these finally is to finally conclude "unfinished" story arcs!
Though there are many new and original caps coming as well. As well as milestones which include the 25'th Mermaid Tide cap and maybe even my 200th cap! but that is only a guess on my part, but very likely!

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