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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Reposting all of the previous Horrorverse parts today. Why? The conclusion to the Horrorverse will be kicking off the Summer Event, So I decided to repost all of the previous parts in one handy post. Next Halloween I might do this again but add the new one.

 Here is Part One:

This was the second one in the series:
Here is the most recent, at least until Sunday:

 Remember the Summer Event Kicks off on June 1'st! This Sunday and I chose to NOT do any reposts of any kind so if a Mermaid Tide cap is here, its here first and not the MT blog. If I had done it any other way, then it would defeat the event and except for the 25'th Mermaid Tide cap, i have no plans on posting any of them here anyway. :)

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