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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 June 1st - August 1st New Caps EVERYDAY GUARANTEED! I'll see you then :) 
and sorry its been so long but I've been busy and this is the longest new caps guarantee I've ever done so I hope you enjoy it!
EDIT: I just added a "teaser" for the event, you'll notice it's a modified version of my "SPRING EVENT" teaser.
Also fans of my other blogs should know new caps for those blogs are also planned but might appear here first OR they might appear here a day  or two later if I need content for a day but I will promise reprints on this blog will be a minimum and will be only caps that have never been on this blog and made this summer :) I hope this will not be necessary though and expect the opposite (caps here before other blogs) but we will see. Off to cap. See you all in JUNE!

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