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Friday, January 16, 2015

STAR WARS and this blog is changing back to old format.

So the return of Alexis' Magic TG caps and making this blog into art only was a failure. Though this blog continues to get many views each post and day, the new blog gets 2 or 3 views. Plus even with online classes it s hard to manage multiple caption blogs. So, the two blogs will be merging again, this means more posts more frequently! I will start bringing the few caps from there to here and starting next week, expect at least 5 updates a week! Also i will not be doing this again, any new blogs will be no caps or at leas non TG as from now on all my caps will either be here or on TG CAPS (though some will be on Rachel's Haven first, I don't count that as those caps all come here eventually!) Starting next week, this blog will return to being
"Alexis' Magic TG Caps" HERE IS WHAT WAS THE FIRST CAP OF 2015, it was originally 
posted on the closing blog.

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