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Saturday, January 17, 2015



Before we get to this cap, ANOTHER BRAND NEW CAP is being posted today, in 12 hours! This one is DC TG. Wow, 3 re-posts (all are new to this blog), and 2 all new caps. I guess I actally started the 5 updates a week this week and all in 24 hours lol. Expect the regular schedule to be 5 days a week, this was just a coincidence!

This was posted on "The Best Of Alexis" and the now closng blog. Although it has been posted so much and therefore I almost skipped it, it is important and ties to the upcoming "Fall Of Pink-A-Lot" arc, so I decided to re-post this cap here.

If you followed the 2014 countdown on my "Alexis' Best" blog, then this cap will look familiar as it was the new cap that concluded it after midnight, so why post it here? Well, because that was the plan all along and I even said it would be here later in January! Fairy Tale Ville Returns!
Next week, an all new never before seen Pink-A-Lot cap (I MEAN IT THIS TIME AS IT HAS ALREADY BEEN SCHEDULED)!

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